Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering


SAMPE has grown to become the leading professional body worldwide concerned with materials and process engineering. Join more than 15,000 existing members spread across 40 individual membership chapters worldwide.

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SAMPE is designed to help all areas of the composite industry, from the research workers to sales directors, and everyone in between. It works by bring together people with a wide range of jobs but with a shared interest in the application of new materials. What SAMPE has to offer is information in various ways and in many different areas.

Firstly there are the formal routes; technical papers, an excellent journal, conferences, industry visits and publications, all at reduced rates or free for members. Secondly there are the contacts that you make at conferences and other events. Whether you are looking for advice on an unfamiliar technology or some information on what a customer’s thinking is on a particular technology, then there will be a SAMPE member somewhere who will know the answer to your question. Ever year a directory of members is published which is an invaluable asset when trying to find contacts in an unfamiliar company. It is very hard to explain how valuable the network of SAMPE contacts can be to you, after just a few years membership.

Another aspect of SAMPE is its broad international coverage. Today many people have to work or operate away from their home base for part of their career. Virtually everywhere you go, if there is a composite industry, then there will be a SAMPE chapter to welcome you and introduce you to the local experts.

For post-graduate students SAMPE offers a number of benefits. These include a UK Seminar where the presenter of the winning paper gets a funded trip to the annual SAMPE Europe conference, with another opportunity to present the paper in competition with the best student papers from other European countries. The prize for winning that event is a trip to the SAMPE conference in the USA. Young members of SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter, whether they are students or engineers starting their careers in industry, can apply for a travel grant, to attend a conference or visit relevant to SAMPE and to their career development. For more information, visit Young Engineers & Students.

Resources for Members

A new set of resources has been made available to members, thanks to John Summerscales. These include:

Summary of Benefits

  • Professional recognition
  • Training and career development opportunities
  • Unique forum for technical information exchange via:
    • Industry visits
    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Workshops and tutorials
  • Publications:
    • SAMPE Journal (6 issues/year)
    • SAMPE Journal of Advanced Materials (4 issues/year)
  • Networking opportunity
  • Student activities, awards and travel grants
  • Travel grants for young members

Membership Fees and Bylaws

Membership fees are highly competitive with other professional societies, at €90 for professional membership (€30 for student membership) with a €10 discount if the Journal is taken electronically.

The Chapter bylaws have been updated as approved at the 2015 AGM.

The updated bylaws can be found here.