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Design & Make Competition 2019

SAMPE UKIC held its first annual Composite Design and Make competition on 12th September 2019 at the University of Nottingham, in conjunction with the EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub open day. Six teams competed to build the tallest freestanding tower to support a mass of 1kg. Entries had to use either glass fibre or carbon fibre, with no metallic fasteners, with a total mass of less than 250g.

There was a clear winner at just over 6.7 metres, which presented a real challenge for the judges during the testing. The winning team from the University of Bristol were presented a trophy and a cash prize by the SAMPE UKIC Chairman, Tim Wybrow. Tim commented that “our first Design and Make competition for Young Engineers and Students (YES) has been a huge success. It has created a real buzz and I’m so pleased to see so many new young and enthusiastic people engaging with SAMPE”.

From left to right: Francesco Morabito, University of Bristol; Tim Wybrow, SAMPE UKIC Chairman; Chris Hunt, University of Bristol. (Third team member: Yian Zhao, University of Bristol)

From left to right: Francesco Morabito, University of Bristol; Tim Wybrow, SAMPE UKIC Chairman; Chris Hunt, University of Bristol. (Third team member: Yian Zhao, University of Bristol)

Francesco Morabito and Chris Hunt weighing their tower

Annual Student Seminar

The 2019 SAMPE UK & Ireland Student Seminar will be held at the IOM3 in London on 18th July 2019. The seminar is a presentation competition.

The annual seminar competition is an excellent opportunity for postgraduate research students to present their work to a panel of independent judges. Typically, 2nd year PhD, 3rd year EngD, or Masters research students participate.

Every year the student Seminar is held in late spring, usually in London. Up to six students are selected to participate in the seminar competition from all of the applications received by the deadline, and are chosen on the fit to the brief, content, novelty, technological innovation, and its application. If chosen to compete the seminar you will get:

  • One year SAMPE young members membership
  • Expenses paid to attend the seminar competition

The presentation judging panel will comprise a small group of specialists from academia and industry. The two students giving the best presentations will win the opportunity to present their work at the prestigeous SAMPE Europe Student Conference and attend the SAMPE Europe Conference 17-19 September 2019, which will be held in Nantes, France. Registration and expenses will be paid. Winners of the SAMPE Europe Student presentation competition will go on to represent Europe at the SAMPE International conference in Seattle in May 2020: also registration and expenses paid.

To see how this competition can help in your future career, see this case study where a previous winner talks about its impact on their career

Young Engineers & Students

We actively encourage young engineers in industry and postgraduate students to develop their careers in advanced materials and their processing, particularly advanced composites.

Why join SAMPE?

  • Networking opportunities. Becoming part of the SAMPE family provides fertile interactions with the industry early on in your career
  • SAMPE supports your continuous development through meetings and Seminars in the UK and globally
  • Reduced membership fee for students and young engineers
  • Technical Papers accessed by website are available at no cost to you
  • SAMPE Journal - respected bi-monthly publication with cutting edge articles

The membership application form can be found here.

The UK and Ireland Chapter runs two programmes specifically for young engineers and students, which are described below.

Graduate Careers Support

John Summerscales manages a website full of composites careers information:

Review of the Annual Student Seminar 2018

The 2018 SAMPE UK & Ireland Student Seminar was held at the IOM3 in London on 5th July. This event was heavily subscribed, with six smart students all giving impressive talks.

The judging panel comprised Andrew Mills, Carwyn Ward and Natalia Becerra.

The student presenters were:

  • Geoff Neale (Ulster): "3D woven glass preforms for crash energy absorption structures"
  • Lourens Bloc (Bristol): "ALM printing carbon TPs"
  • Ghilane Bragagnolo (Surrey): "Flexural behaviour of CF fabric PMI core sandwich panels for car floor impact resistance"
  • Wini Obande (Edinburgh): "In mould polymerised acrylic TP RTM"
  • Riikka Hasa (Imperial): "Multilayer unusual lay up CF epoxy inspired by sea shells"
  • Danijela Stankovic (Edinburgh): "Tensile strength investigation of ultra strong CF suspension bridge strut joints"

The winners were Riikka and Geoff, who repeated their presentations at the SAMPE Europe conference in Southampton in September, along with the winners from the other SAMPE Europe chapters.

In the "composite" photograph shown above, from left to right: Danijela Stankovic, Riikka Hasa, Geoff Neale, Natalia Becerra, Andrew Mills, Carwyn Ward, Ghilana Bragagnolo and Lourens Bloc.

Young Engineer & Student Travel Grants

The call for applications for grants is currently closed, but future funding calls will be announced here soon!

The selection criteria for Travel Grants is based upon the relevance of the applicant’s research to SAMPE’s interest in high performance composite materials development and associated manufacturing technology.

The intention of the grant is to spread the support as fairly as possible within the SAMPE community; therefore, previous recipients of a SAMPE UK & Ireland Travel Grant are not eligible to reapply.

We expect the recipient of a SAMPE travel grant to:

  • Recognise the travel grant award in any presentation or poster
  • Submit a short report on the event identifying the benefit derived
  • Include in the report a picture of the recipient at the event
Reports by recipients of travel grants in previous years

Eligibility criteria:

A "young person" is defined as a postgraduate student studying advanced composites materials or processing at a university in the UK or Eire. Alternatively, a professional engineer working with advanced composites in industry at an early career stage.

We wish to be inclusive, particularly those who might be later career-changers, and encourage anyone who might benefit to participate.

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For general enquiries, please contact Chapter Secretary Trevor Cook.

For queries regarding the website, please contact Laura Veldenz.

Contact Andrew Mills about Young Engineers and Students activities and opportunities.

News bulletin

Design and Make Competition
We announce a competition for YES members to manufacture the tallest scaled composite tower. Register by 31st July, competition takes place in Nottingham, 12th September 2019.
"Sustaining Composites Growth in Adverse Environments"

Most of the presentations from the Edinburgh Annual Seminar & AGM, 6th June 2019 are now available for those with the password: follow the link above.

Tim Wybrow elected Chair

At the recent SMAP UK & Ireland AGM, 6th June 2019, Tim Wybrow was elected Chair.

Older News ...
Announcement and Call for Abstracts for Student Seminar
The Student Seminar will be held on 18th July 2019, at the IOM3 in London. The deadline for applications is 17th June 2019. Full details are given on the application form.
Graduate Careers

Professor John Summerscales has kindly provided a link to a page of Graduate Careers information. This includes careers support information and lists of current vacancies in the composites sector.

This list sits on the navigation bar under the Young Engineers & Students drop-down menu.

Resources for Members

Thanks to Professor John Summerscales, from University of Plymouth, we now have a new tab on the navigation bar: RESOURCES. Within this menu, we can now provide lists of Literature Resources, Case Studies and Composites Courses.

Annual Seminar & AGM, Edinburgh, 6 June 2019

In recent years the Annual Seminar and Table-top Exhibitions have been held at Cranfield or in the Midlands, but the committee decided that it was time for a change, and to reflect that there is SAMPE related industry and technological development taking place in all corners of the UK. This year, the UK & Ireland Chapter Annual Seminar and AGM will be held in Edinburgh.

Under Tim Wybrow's leadership...

Since Tim Wybrow took over the chair role in September, a committee meeting has been held and there are a few changes to be announced.

Firstly, the "Students Matter" activity has been re-branded as "Young Engineers & Students", or simply, "YES". This is to signal more clearly our ongoing support for early career engineers working in industry as well as those studying for higher degrees. A new subcommittee has been formed to drive YES related activities, events and opportunities. This will be led by Andrew Mills, who will be supported by Shumit Das, Natalia Becera and Carwyn Ward.

The website management role has been re-named "Marketing & Communications". In addition to managing the website content and appearance, this role will also comprise further development of our use of Social Media, and ensuring consistency in our communications with members.

You will have noticed that there have been some modifications to the website, reflecting these above changes. The most significant of these is that "Students Matter" page has been replaced by the "Young Engineers & Students" page. At present, the content is essentially the same as it was, but the layout has been improved. It is anticipated that more significant content changes will take place, as the subcommittee bring these forward.

You might also have noticed that the "Contact Us" button has been removed from the horizontal menu bar? This information now includes the Social Media links, and is located in a position of more prominence on the right of the main web pages, above the "News Bulletin" column.

The SAMPE Europe Conference 18

This conference was hosted by the SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter, in Southampton in September.

Conference included three tutorials, the Student Seminar competition, two plenary lectures, five plant visits and an Automotive Special event, over 60 contributed presentations, 24 posters, and an evening at Beaulieu National Motor Museum followed by a Network Dinner.

The student prize winners were Paul VAN DER SYPT (European Champion 2018) and Alice LAMARO (best Master student).

For more details about the conference visit the Event Archive.

The Mort Kushner Award

The Mort Kushner Award was presented to David Carlton during the SAMPE Europe Conference 18. This is one of SAMPE Global's most prestigious awards, for exceptional service to the Society.

David Carlton (centre) receives the Mort Kushner Award, presented by Brent Strong (left) President SAMPE Global and Andy Long (right) Chair of SAMPE UK & Ireland

Andy Long retires as Chapter Chair

Professor Andy Long has been the chair of SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter these last 13 years. This has been a long period of service during which there have been many developments in composites, and new generations of personnel joining the committee. Andy has been instrumental in the leadership of the Chapter, and it is very fitting for his "Swan Song" to be the SAMPE Europe event in Southampton.

As we say goodbye and farewell to Andy, we extend a welcome to Tim Wybrow who is taking up the role.

If you have any news to feature here, please contact Laura Veldenz

Member Requests

If you have any requests to feature here, please contact Laura Veldenz