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SAMPE Europe Conference 18 Southampton: Large Structures in Composite Engineering

SAMPE Europe Conference 18 Southampton, hosted this year by UK & Ireland Chapter, 11-13 September 2018

The SAMPE Europe Conference 18 Southampton was jointly organised by the SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter and SAMPE Europe, and was held 11-13 September 2018, in Southampton.

The main sponsor was Huntsman, with event partners: National Composites Centre, Compcut Advanced Composite Machining, and Sharp & Tappin.

The annual partners were Fokker, TPRC, Evonik, JEC Group, GKN Aerospace, Leichbau BW, Teijin, Coexpair, Surface Generation, Tencate Advanced Composites and Airbus.

The table top exhibitors were Kruss, Com & Sens, Gearing Scientific Ltd, CIMComp (EPSRC research hub), Titaniua, University of Southampton, Airbourne, DTC and Tygavac Advanced Materials Litd.

Summary of the Programme

The programme spread over three days, with the first day dedicated to tutorials. The second day opened with keynote presentations, followed later in the morning by three parallel sessions. In the afternoon, the delegates split into groups to either attend one of five plant visits or to attend the Automotive Special event at Beaulieu Motor Museum. Following the site visits, all delegates transfered to Beaulieu for the evening event. The final day comprised of parallel presentation sessions.

The complete programme listing is available on the SAMPE Europe website.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Pre-Conference Tutorial (A)
Thermosplastic composites in aerospace: Materials, Technologies and Applications
Arnt R Offringa MSc, Head of Aerostructures R&T, GKN Fokker Technologies, Netherlands.

Pre-Conference Tutorial (B1)
Design and manufacture of large composite structures
Prof John Summerscales and Dr Richard Cullen, School of Engineering, University of Plymoth, UK.

Pre-Conference Tutorial (B2)
Tooling technologies for composites manufacturing: Additive, Metal, Composites, Rubber, Shape Memory, Molds and More
Dr Scott W Beckwith, BTG Composites Inc & SAMPE Global Technical Director, USA.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Plenary Session
Materials challenges for the future of aerospace: Kay Youngdhl Blohowiak, The Boeing Company, USA.
Large structures of advanced composites in civil engineering: Urs Maeier, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA), Switzerland.

Parallel Sessions
Special Applications: Sustainable Composites.
Aerospace: Thermoplastic Composites.
Materials & Processes: General Processing.

Thursday 12 September 2018

Parallel Sessions
Special Applications: Space; Marine & Renewables; Automotive.
Aerospace: Dry fibre placement, preforming; Design, dampage, materials; Thermoplastic tape placement.
Materials & Processes: Modelling & Testing; Aerospace Processing; Additive Manufacturing; Joining & Bonding; Thermoplastics for Oil & Gas.

A review of the Conference

Review by
Petar Zivkovic, SAMPE Student and Young Researcher Travel Grant recipient.

The Five Plant Visits

Formaplex: Specialising in tooling and component design and manufacture of automotive and aerospace components.

Sunseeker: Sunseeker specialises in design and manufacture of luxury motor yachts using composite materials.

GE Aviation Systems Ltd. (Hamble): GE Aviation (Hamble) is a leading supplier to the aerospace sector, focussing on integrated and complex composite structures.

Ben Ainslie Racing (Jaguar Land Rover BAR): The BAR team make innovative use of advanced materials and processing in their efforts to recapture the America's Cup.

MouldCam: A large scale tooling and component manufacturer, MouldCam specialises in the design and construction of tooling for the composites industry.

RNLI College: The headquarters for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. The site is also the all weather lifeboat centre, for the manufacture and refit of the Shannon class vessel.

SAMPE Conference: Beaulieu Automotive session

Review by
Antony Dodworth, SAMPE Committee Member.

Coaches arrived on time for the start at Beaulieu, we started in the lecture theater entrance with coffee and tea, we were then moved through to the lecture theatre. In total, around 88 guests were present, which filled around 70% of the available seating.

Tony Dodworth welcomed all to the automotive session and introduced the two guest speakers for that afternoon. Starting with an interesting talk from Peter McCool on his time as Chief Designer, Super Aguri F1, "The Hundred Day Challenge" was to go from a new team to being ready for the first race with and F1 race car and a team to run it within the hundred days. This involved converting an old Arrows chassis to meet the 2006 regulations and designing and building the rest of the car around an almost zero development program. What was apparent from Peter’s talk was the passion that drove the team - no one wanted to fail, and that you can "catch up on your sleep once the car is on the aeroplane to the first race".

Our second and final speaker for the day was Peter Stevens, talking about his time designing the McLaren F1 road car. Peter gave an interesting talk about his time as a car designer in the Up automotive industry, which showed the breadth of projects that he had worked on over the years. Peter showed a video of the McLaren F1 attempting a top speed run around a test track. Considering that the car had none of the driving aids that people expect today, such as traction control and ABS, the F1 was a simple, well-engineered, super light with an all carbon fibre construction, and was all the better for it.

We had a few questions at the end of the session, we then moved over to the main building, were we split into four groups for the walk around the cars in the motor museum, we had enlisted help from Chris Longmore from Drive, a UK design consultancy, that provides styling and consultancy to the automotive sector, as well as our two speakers for the day and Tony Dodworth. Beaulieu Motor Museum is one of those places that you could spend all day, but we only had two hours - it catered for all age groups with its full size Lego caravan for those that are still kids at heart.

The four groups set off in different directions around the exhibition to avoid a long procession. The groups tended to focus upon cars that the tour guides knew personally, or those they had worked on. Furthermore, many vehicles were "pin-up" cars from childhood, which is certainly true for the abundant Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars on show. Several examples of beautifully coach built models were viewed, showcasing the best craftsman and the heyday of the British car industry.

There is always one car in any museum that people gravitate towards, and for many of the groups that was the original Mini! Most of those on the tours had owned one or had a story to tell connected to the Mini at some point in their driving history. We eventually made it around the vast collection, before tucking into a canapé and a glass of alcoholic refreshment ahead of dinner. By the smiles that could be seen around the room, it was concluded that the afternoon had been a great success.

SAMPE would like to thank all of the Beaulieu staff for their help that afternoon making our visit so enjoyable, as well as those guest speakers and tour guides who brought the museum to life, in a celebration that the UK has with the automotive sector.

The Cocktail & Network Dinner

The whole conference arrived at Beaulieu in good time to spend time enjoying both the exhibition of vehicles, and the cocktails, before moving across the site to the resturaunt, where dinner was served.

Following the dinner, there were speeches and prize giving.

The Student Seminar 2018 Winners were:

  • Paul VAN DER SYPT - European Champion 2018.
  • Alice LAMARO - best Master student.

The Mort Kushner Award was presented to David Carlton, UK & Ireland Chapter: One of SAMPE Global's most prestigious awards, this honours those have dedicated exceptional service to the Society.

Photos from the conference

The welcoming entrance of the Hilton Ageas

The poster display

Delegates at the GE Aviations Systems Ltd (Hamble) Plant Visit

Delegates enter the RNLI All Weather Lifeboat Centre

David Carlton (centre) receives the Mort Kushner Award, presented by Brent Strong (left) President SAMPE Global and Andy Long (right) Chair of SAMPE UK & Ireland

A small selection of pictures from Beaulieu National Motor Museum