7 February 2018

SAMPE UK & IRELAND Chapter 1-day seminar

Intelligent Composite Design and Manufacture.

The 2018 event is being held in Nottingham on the 7th February 2018 and will be the first event held in the newly completed flagship Advanced Manufacturing Building at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus. We're sure the event will attract a lot of interest, not only from the excellent programme we're arranging but also an early opportunity to see the new manufacturing facilities at the University of Nottingham.

There has been a change to the previously advertised programme, and the new programme is given here. Date of announcement of change: 29 December 2018.

In summary: the seminar opens at 10 am, and closes at 5 pm.

The keynote lecture is Resin Infusion Material Developments for Integrated Structures, and will be given by Sebastien Greber from Solvay.

Other speakers include: Shashitha Kularatna and Carwyn Ward, University of Bristol; Ross Key, Solvay; Andrew Mills, Cranfield University; Giuseppe dell’ Anno, NCC; Antony Dodworth, Brite Lite Structures; Andy Long, University of Nottingham; Evangelos Zympeloudis, University of Bristol; and Dennis Crowley, University of Bristol.

The programme finishes with a tour of the Advanced Manufacturing Building.

The Seminar has been sponsored by Gearing Scientific and JR Technology in conjunction with DolphiTech with generous support from the University of Nottingham.

SAMPE thanks them for their commitment to our SAMPE Seminar.

There will a table top exhibition with free places being offered to UK/Irish based SMEs. Larger/overseas companies will book through the on-line store.

SME companies interested in exhibiting should contact Trevor Cook

To register, please click here.

11-13 September 2018

SAMPE Europe Conference in Southampton

The 2018 SAMPE Europe Conference will be held in the UK in Southampton on 11-13th September.

Planning is well in hand and details will be announced later in the year.